TriQuarterly is the literary magazine of Northwestern University and of the MA/MFA in Creative Writing program. Edited by graduate students in the program, supervised by faculty, and available around the world, TriQuarterly has remained "an international journal of writing, art, and cultural inquiry." TQ has begun to create an online archive of its own history by publishing past print issues, sometimes with new accompanying comments by the writers. The Northwestern University Library is embarking on the project of digitizing the entire history of the journal. These items will be uploaded to the site as they are ready.

As a web journal, TQ has the capacity to add audio, video, and a variety of new and frequently uploaded content to supplement its schedule of publishing issues twice a year. 

In 1958, the "tri-quarterly" was so named because its original form as a student magazine was published in each of the three quarters of Northwestern's academic year, and not in the fourth quarter, summer. This name has been belied at times by the magazine's real publishing schedule, but now TQ has altered the tradition quite deliberately to one of semi-annual publishing of discrete issues and frequent updating with new interviews, craft essays, blog posts, and excerpts from longer works. And for the first time, new writing published in this journal can be read everywhere there is web access.

TriQuarterly welcomes submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, short drama, video essays, and hybrid work from established as well as emerging writers. We also welcome short-short prose pieces. We ask that poets submit no more than six poems between per cycle, and that prose authors limit their total submission to fewer than 5,000 words. We are especially interested in work that embraces the world and continues, however subtly, the ongoing global conversation about culture and society that TriQuarterly pursued from its beginning in 1964. TriQuarterly pays honoraria for creative work and publishes two issues a year.

We do not publish creative work by current Northwestern MA/MFA students or those who have graduated from our program within the past five years, or by program faculty. We do not accept previously published work. We will accept multiple prose submissions per author. Please limit formats to .doc, .docx, .rtf, and PDF. We suggest keeping your font to 12-point Times New Roman and double-spacing all prose submissions. Poets, please submit your work in one document.

We accept simultaneous submissions. You can withdraw your submission at any time.

Please limit your total submission to fewer than 5,000 words and limit formats to .doc, .docx, .rtf, and PDF.  We suggest keeping your font to 12-point Times New Roman and double-spacing all prose submissions.

We accept simultaneous submissions.  You may withdraw your submission at any time.